Goodnight friend !! While there are still stocks, let's get what we offer …

Good Night Friends !! While there are still stocks, let's get the #PORTABLESPEAKER that we offer. Speake usage recently became a trend in Malaysia and became a necessity to support activities.

What's interesting about this Speaker is bluetooth via the handset and select songs via the handset. It can also enter SD CARD. 👍TIPS BLUETOOTH SPEAKER CARE -Do not put your Speaker in a very hot or cold place. Extreme heat will shorten the battery life. – Extreme cold can cause mechanical Speaker to be damaged quickly. – Dissolve exposure to solvents, chemicals and gases where it may cause damage and the color is fading and less noticeable. -Enter the Speaker from falling or receiving a strong drum. -Use the appropriate Speaker according to your type of work. If you work in a construction site or a rugged workplace then you need a durable watch. – Get the Speaker out of electricity or magnet like tv and radio. -Do not place the Speaker in the hands because the dust and fine dust will go into the Speaker. -Also avoid saving the Speaker in the drawer along with cosmetics and perfume. -Send to specialist if there is any damage to your Speaker.
Clean your watch professionally.


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